Faux Stone & Floral Jewelry & Accessories

All items are one of a kind, handcrafted polymer clay pieces that use premium metals. Ensuring every customer has a lightweight, hypoallergenic experience that makes them feel bold as nature.

Meet: Channing

Meet the Channing earrings: each pair lovingly handcrafted from the finest polymer clay, featuring eye-catching color patterns and elegant gold tassels. Perfect for adding a personal touch of glamour to any outfit, these earrings are your go-to for style that speaks volumes. Embrace your unique flair with Channing—because your accessories should be as vibrant as you are!

From the people
From the people
Absolutely in love with these polymer clay earrings! Handcrafted perfection that adds a special touch to my look any day of the week.
— Novelette

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Bridal 2024

Elevate your bridal style with our handcrafted Bridal Earring Collection. Featuring a stunning mix of classic colors and trendy designs, each piece is designed to add a timeless sparkle to your special day.

Holiday Magic 2023

Even though the holidays are over, these styles are sure to make you feel festive all year round with evergreens styles designed to jazz up your every day look.


Embrace classic looks to elevate your style or delight the masses with edgy ear art. There's something for everyone.